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 chances are

xiuhan—pg—fluff, romance—2, 618 words

Guess you feel you'll always be the one and only one for me, and if you think you could, well, chances are your chances are awfully good.

(because the world needs some xiuhan)

The flip of the page and a sip of coffee marked the beginning of Minseok’s day. The sun was well up in the sky and was pooling its light through the glass window of the kitchen. Minseok couldn’t help but smile to himself as he flipped through his book. Just as he raised his ceramic mug to his lips a slender silhouette slipped into the room. Minseok nearly spilled the seeping cup of coffee all over his black dress pants upon the arrival of a certain boy with disheveled hair and apple printed pajamas. The boy tried to laugh in mid-yawn which didn’t end very attractively. The boy flushed in embarrassment and turned away. With a chuckle, Minseok felt himself falling in a bit deeper.




Minseok glanced at the clock and sighed in relief. He still had an hour before he had to go to work. He unhooked his maroon tie from his closet and slung it over his neck. He faced the mirror and furrowed his brows as his fingers folded the fabric every which way in attempt to make the perfect Windsor knot. Minseok did end up tying it but found it being slightly lopsided. Dissatisfied, he undid the tie and retried. About 7 attempts later he placed the tie onto a table and stared at it as if willing it to disappear. The only thing that stopped him from ripping the fabric to pieces was the creak of a door. He turned around and met gazes with an amused looking boy. The boy shook his head at him and made his way over to where Minseok stood. He ordered Minseok to hand him the tie which he did wordlessly.

Minseok’s gaze never left the boy’s face. His eyes roamed over his dark brown orbs and his long lashes; they traveled down to his curved nose and rosy cheeks. His gaze traveled lower as he stared at his angel’s delicate fingers as they folded the tie with ease. Finally, his gaze fixed onto his pair of plush pink lips. A bit of tongue poked out from the side out of concentration. Minseok continued to stare at his lips until he was suddenly pulled forward so that his lover’s breath was tickling his own lips. He looked into his eyes and felt his lover’s hands still tightly wrapped around the knot of his tie. Gazing into each other’s eyes with such adoration and wonder, Minseok was the first to lean in.

Never breaking eye contact, the boy captured Minseok’s lips with his own. Minseok never understood exactly how their lips could fit so perfectly together.

“Lu Han” Minseok heard himself whisper as his arms made their way around his lover’s waist. He felt Lu Han grin against his lips. He wrapped his arms around Minseok’s neck so that they were flush against one another. With every passing second Minseok felt his knees getting weaker and weaker up to the point where his legs were shaking. Lu Han, of course, could sense his lover’s struggle and kindly plopped the two of them down onto the bed. Minseok’s eyes shot open as Lu Han smirked. Only Lu Han could make him this way and Lu Han knew it. Lu Han growled playfully and covered Minseok’s eyes with one of his hands.

“Shut your eyes, dummy” he whispered as if he were afraid to fracture the moment. Minseok complied with a chuckle as the two melted into each other’s embraces. Minseok didn’t remember when he lost track of time. All he knew was that he had to sprint if he wanted to be on time for work.




The sky was neither black nor blue. A lazy haze hung lightly in the air; blanketing the city with sleep. In the center of the indecisively coloured sky with all its glory and mystery hung the moon; silver and ripe like the impeccable fruit of midnight. Like a spotlight it focused its light over two budding souls lying amidst the greens and dim grays of the earth. Side-by-side, shoulders touching, the two gazed into the never ending heavens with wide, credulous eyes. Minseok lazily drew twisted patterns in the sky with his finger while humming a pacifying tune. Lu Han on the other hand had an arm stretched out to the sky. His fingers opened and closed continuously as if he wanted to grab at something. Minseok stopped humming to gaze at him questioningly. When Minseok asked what it was he was doing he only received a shy smile and pink cheeks in response.

“The moon” Lu Han whispered, staring into the sky, “it’s so sacrosanct, so inviolable. It just makes me want to grab it with my own bare hands and have it as my own.” Minseok turned to stare at his lover’s side view. Illuminated by moonbeams, Minseok believed that Lu Han could never be any more beautiful than this. Noting the lack of response from his partner, Lu Han glanced to his side to find Minseok staring at him wordlessly.

“What?” Lu Han said, feeling rather diffident under Minseok’s gaze. Without his gaze faltering the slightest bit, Minseok brought his hand up to place onto Lu Han’s cheek. A smile made its way to his lips as he ran a thumb over his velvety moon-kissed skin. Out of instinct, Lu Han took Minseok’s hands into his and placed a soft kiss onto his palm. He then curled Minseok’s fingers in as if he was holding the precious kiss in his hands. Bringing Minseok’s hand toward his own body he placed it on the left side of his chest and it was there where it rested.

With shut eyes, it was Minseok’s turn to listen to the honeyed voice of the angel beside him. Lu Han’s voice to Minseok was inexplicable. It was just so inalienable. It was like Lu Han and the moon. Lu Han’s voice was so invulnerable all Minseok wanted to do was keep it as his own. He wanted to do that with Lu Han himself. But of course there was no need to do such a thing. Lu Han was already his, but he felt that he was more so Lu Han’s than Lu Han was his own. It was a bit peculiar and baffling to ponder upon but Minseok didn’t feel the need to fully understand it. He had Lu Han and Lu Han had him. That was all that mattered.

“Minseok.” Minseok’s eyes fluttered open. His head was now resting on Lu Han’s lap. Lu Han’s fingers fiddled with Minseok’s copper fringe tranquilly.

“What is it, love?” Minseok asked gently. Lu Han continued to play with Minseok’s hair for a few more moments.

“Do you love me?” Minseok looked up at his lover’s face feeling undoubtedly sober. Lu Han folded his hands onto his lap as Minseok sat up to face him properly.

“Lu Han” Minseok said, worry lacing his words. Lu Han stared at his fingers intently, refusing to meet his gaze.

“It’s just that” he heaved a deep sigh, “How can you love someone like me? I’m just some bland spec in a sea of great people. My temper can get pretty bad, I don’t know how to comfort people, I always have to ask you which apples are good and which aren’t. I can’t even cook rice for god’s sake!” Lu Han continued to babble while flailing his arms exaggeratedly. All the while, Minseok watched him with a fond smile playing on his lips.

“I always get angry whenever you talk to Soojung and I’ve never even read one of the Harry Potter books even when you told me to-”

“Lu Han.” Lu Han looked up with glistening eyes. Minseok immediately gathered him into his arms as he felt his shoulder becoming damp.

“I’m sorry” Lu Han whispered, “I get all emotional at times and-”

“Shh” Minseok hushed him softly whilst rubbing slow circles on his back. A few minutes of silence passed before Minseok spoke.

“You are a spec in sea of people, but you know what? So am I. When your temper gets bad I feel so blessed that I’m the one that can sooth you. When you call me in the middle of work to send me a picture of ten apples asking me which ones look best it brings light into my day. You can’t cook rice? I can’t even boil water properly.” Lu Han sniffled slightly and buried his face deeper into Minseok’s shoulder. Minseok pulled away to look him straight in the eye as he spoke in a hushed tone.

“When you get angry when I talk to Soojung, sure, maybe it upsets me sometimes but you know what it reminds me? It reminds me that you love me and are afraid to lose me. I don’t care if you haven’t read a word from a Harry Potter book! You could have never even laid hands on any of them and I wouldn’t love you any less.” Lu Han’s lip trembled as Minseok took his hands into his own.

“I can love someone like you because even if the world can’t see it, even if you can’t see it, you, Lu Han, are perfect and the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” By now fat tears were streaming down Lu Han’s cheeks. Minseok pulled him into another tight and warm embrace. Once Lu Han was only sniffling Minseok began drawing hearts on the small of his back.

“I love you” he whispered. Lu Han pulled back slightly and gazed into his tender eyes.

“I love you too” he replied whilst trailing his fingers over the bags under Minseok’s eyes. Minseok shut his eyes instinctively. Lu Han’s hand made its way to his cheek as he ran a thumb over his pale, moonlit skin the way a certain someone had always done to him. Minseok leaned into his touch as a sleepy smile graced his lips.

“Hold me close, dear” he sighed. In a flash Minseok found himself tucked securely in the warm arms of his little miracle. Bringing themselves closer to one another some would think they were one. Minseok and Lu Han, of course, knew so.




For the umpteenth time that day Minseok checked the mini speakers for frayed wires and felt the laptop just in case it was overheating. He was the definition of a worried mess. He glanced at the clock once more and his breath quickened. He paced back and forth down the corridors of his home and up and down the stairs until he was sure that he’d worn the floorboards. Lu Han would come home any minute and he’d have to be ready upon his arrival. On his 11th trek up the stairs he heard the click of keys in a doorknob.

“This is it” he whispered to himself as he clambered down the stairs. Once he was in front of the front door he placed his hand on the pocket of his pants and sighed in relief when he felt the awaiting lump. Minseok straightened his deep blue button up one last time as the door swung open. Lu Han stepped inside with a weary expression which was soon replaced with a look of surprise.

“Minseok” he said as he set down his bag and shut the door, “what are you doing?” His eyes widened as he took in his lover’s appearance. “Wow, you cleaned up great today” he remarked with a chuckle. Minseok ran his palm over his sleeve.

“Not so bad yourself” he replied, gesturing toward Lu Han’s white v-neck and beige blazer. Lu Han rubbed the nape of his neck sheepishly.

“Thanks.” With a deep breath Minseok took a step toward Lu Han and gallantly offered him a hand.

“Care to dance?” he asked with charming grin. Lu Han stood silent for a moment as he stared at Minseok carefully.

“But there isn’t any music” he said, cheeks displaying a rosy tint. Minseok chuckled half nervously, half in amusement.

“Well” he said as he led Lu Han into the parlor. In a swift movement Minseok bent down and clicked a computer key. Soon a familiar melody filled up the room.

“How’s that for you?” asked Minseok. Lu Han now had his hand covering his mouth and his eyes took on the shape of crescents.

“I haven’t heard this song in ages!” he exclaimed as he placed his hand on his cheek, “this brings back so many memories.” Minseok chuckled and placed his hands on either side of Lu Han’s hips. Instinctively, Lu Han’s hands rested themselves on Minseok’s shoulders. The two swayed from side to side in a familiar rhythm. Minseok pressed their foreheads together and gazed into his lover’s eyes adoringly.

“I’ve known you for almost 9 years now” Minseok whispered. The ends of Lu Han’s eyes crinkled as he smiled fondly.

“Nine years of knowing this beauty” quipped Lu Han.

“Yeah” Minseok replied earnestly, “nine years of knowing the beautiful you.” Lu Han’s cheeks reddened at this statement. Minseok took his hands from his shoulders into his own.

“It’s been nine years” he repeated, “a-and.” He rubbed the nape of his neck apprehensively. “There’s been a certain question I’ve been meaning to ask you.” It took a moment before Lu Han caught on.

“Oh, Minseok” he gasped as his hand covered his mouth. Minseok chuckled nervously.

“I’ve been losing sleep thinking about how to perfectly ask you this question, but you know what? I thought about it and, really, in the end it’s not about how I ask you. It’s about the love I put into it, you know?” Lu Han’s eyes were the size of saucers and his breathing began to quicken.

“So I’m saying this from all the love from my heart, all the cheesiness I’m able to produce.” Minseok watched as his lover’s eyes glistened over. With a final shaky breath he slowly got onto his right knee. A gasp was heard from Lu Han as Minseok continued.

“I’m saying this with my entire heart that belongs to you and only you. I’m not going to ask you to accept right away. I’m not asking anything of you. Just-” he chuckled, “you. You and your love, and maybe your heart?” By this time tears were streaming down Lu Han’s face.

“So with all my love, all the love I can offer, I’m asking you this question.” Lu Han’s eyes squeezed shut as Minseok pulled out a small velvet box from his pocket. Opening it with a shaky hand he presented it to Lu Han and spoke the words he’s wanted to say for years.

“Lu Han” he began with tears in his eyes, “will you marry me?”

Lu Han was now a sobbing mess. He covered his face with both his hands. Between sobs he managed a curt nod of his head. Tears streamed down Minseok’s cheeks as he brought Lu Han in for a hug. Lu Han squeezed Minseok with all his might as his lover did the same. They laughed and sobbed both at the same time into each other’s shoulders. The two only pulled away for Minseok to slip the white gold band onto Lu Han’s slender finger. In a second they were back in each other’s arms whispering sweet nothings and repeated “I love yous.”

In the center of the room buried in each other’s embraces the final lines of their song played in the background like the perfect closing scene to a movie.

Guess you feel you'll always be
The one and only one for me
And if you think you could
Well, chances are your chances are awfully good.


The chances are your chances are awfully good.



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